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Inside every woman, no matter her age, is a little girl – still innocent and longing to see a better day as the sun rises every morning.

Common Sense and Sensibility

I know I’ve already written on Les Miserables, but it’s just such an amazing book that I simply MUST write another article about it, especially since the movie is coming out this Christmas. I read this passage in the book, and it touched my heart and gave me a fresh perspective.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the novel, I’ll give you some background. Picture the scene: a dimly lit hospital room, heavy with the presence of deathly illness. A frail, emaciated form languishes in fever on the bed, its former beauty ravished beyond recognition. This is Fantine, the prostitute. But it wasn’t always this way. Once, her lively, sincere smile brightened the hearts of all whom she graced with it, and frequently so. She loved a man, once, with everything she could offer him; sincerely, innocently, and wholly. But he left her, dropped her as a plaything…

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I still shudder when I try to imagine what could have been MY fate all those years ago. Luckily for me, he showed his true colors before there was a wedding, and even for a blind sheep that I was back then, there was no denying that married life with him would be a fate worse than death…probably on par with spending an eternity in Hell itself!

Christian Pundit

Forget About Being ‘Equally Yoked’ – Article: ‘My Abusive ‘Christian’ Marriage’

When it comes to dating or marriage, Christian men are not necessarily a better catch than Non-Christians, as I’ve mentioned before in previous posts (such as (Link): this one).

A lot of Christian wives are physically or emotionally abused by their regular-church-attending Christian husbands.

Some are murdered by their preacher husbands.

If you run an internet search for the phrase “preacher murdered wife,” you will receive hundreds of news stories of, well, preachers who killed their wives.

Here is but one example of many that turned up on a search engine:

(Link): Preacher [Anthony Hopkins] killed wife, stuffed body in freezer, police say –

You are just as better off marrying a Non-Christian guy as a Christian one.

I find most Non Christians easier to talk to – they are usually less judgemental. They are usually less…

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The truth will set you free indeed!


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