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The truth will set you free indeed!

Christian Apologetics Research of Nevada

A look at what the Book of Malachi really says (in context).

Green Valley Baptist Church has taught believers to “test the tithe” while quoting Malachi 3 verses…

Often, pastors will zoom in on these verses in Malachi 3 (an Old Testament book), and they will teach this to others and publicly on their online sermons/videos…

What the same pastors will not tell you (either intentionally or unintentionally – only God knows) is who these scriptures were written to.  When reading the Bible, we must always get a grasp of the context.  The Old Testament speaks of sacrificing animals, but we don’t do that today, do we?

Who is the Lord speaking to through Malachi?  Flip a few pages back to chapters one and two.

The Lord was speaking to the “corrupt priests”…

The Lord was speaking to “Israel”…

It should be said that the Lord does want…

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