Why Another Law of Attraction Blog?

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Fellow traveler on the road of life searching for the truth…on this side of the Veil~

Pieces of Truth

Get off the Band Wagon

The Law of Attraction isn’t just a useful self development tool and philosophy. It’s also an incredible fad and fantastic moneymaking enterprise. Bookstores and the internet are bursting at the seams with books, blogs, products, transformational home systems, audio CDs, guided meditations, giant manifestos, and “revolutionary” techniques to “boost your manifesting potential.” “The Secret” may just be getting folks to pay you because they think you know it. 

How is This any Different? 

Three fundamental ways: my unique perspective, the critical evaluation of this field of information, and my ultimate goal of the search for truth.

An Expose on the Law of Attraction

Most people selling you something or writing claim to be an authority on the Law of Attraction. They’re in their middle ages and have started successful multi-million dollar businesses, helped hundreds of thousands of people change their lives, and are generally better than you, the reader, who only…

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