What I learned from Twilight

Posted: August 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Even though I’ve never been a huge Twilight fan, who can deny the reality that everyone wants to be loved, wants to belong, wants to transcend, and struggle with searching for the self?

Jim Palmer

5 reasons why the Twilight saga series succeeded:

1. We still want to believe in love
The Twilight saga was not a series of shallow, cutsie chick flicks. The series connected with people because it depicted a kind of fierce love people want to believe is still possible – a love you fight for, risk for, walk through fire and rain for… die for if necessary. The kind of love that lasts, endures, protects, transcends and transforms our very being, what our life is about, and who we are in the world. The “love wins” theme is central to the Twilight series.

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